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Welcome to vDiplomacy!
A multiplayer web implementation of the popular turn-based strategy game Diplomacy.

The map

"Luck plays no part in Diplomacy. Cunning and cleverness, honesty and perfectly-timed betrayal are the tools needed to outwit your fellow players. The most skillful negotiator will climb to victory over the backs of both enemies and friends.

Who do you trust?"
(Avalon Hill)

Intro to webDiplomacy
A quick & easy guide to get newcomers to webDiplomacy playing the game.

Diplomacy is a game which is easy to learn but impossible to master. The rules are all very intuitive, lots of people pick them up just by playing, but this document will familiarize you more quickly.

Objective - Units - Moves - Rules - Play


The objective of Diplomacy is to be the first to get 18 supply centers. For each supply center you occupy you get a new unit, and you lose a unit whenever a supply center you own gets occupied by someone else.

You can recognize the supply centers with the markers which are placed on them.